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As plant lovers and tech enthusiasts, we have combined our skills and expertise to develop a tool to innovate the indoor plant market. To find your ideal plant in a quick and dynamic way. All you have to do is to click on the demo button above, answer our survey so that we know a bit about you, et voilá! You will get an email with the plant you should buy and even where to buy it.

We are a startup based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. We aim to expand our service to all local plant/seeds stores that want to increase their sales and have access to this innovative tool we have created.


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Our mission

Plant Wizard

Our company aims to provide environmental consultancy by gathering experts from biology, phytopathology, and informatic fields, as well as through knowledge-share between our members. We expect to give our users helpful and reliable information regarding their daily issues with plants: either their home plants or the ones intended to be bought. Furthermore, we will provide interesting information regarding edible plants and the environmental impact of having them in our diet and living space. By creating a community, people will share their knowledge and tips for a better maintenance of their house plants and their personal health. On the other hand, by providing information regarding trending plants and their impact on the environment, we will create awareness about the environment and how to achieve an eco-friendlier lifestyle.


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-  Get access to a global online platform

-  Get access to an innovative tech tool

-  Get access to a database that provides insights and suggestions to boost your sales and increase client traction

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